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    Rebuild Buhler MDDK Roller Mills













    So many clients ask me if we can provide the same quality of flour milling machinery same as Buhler, Ocrim, GBS, Satake, Golfetto, Sangati, Simon or Miag. These European brands are welcome known by all around the world. Most the world famous brands have been sold or bankrupted  decades of years ago. Nowadays the biggest flour milling machinery supplier in this world is BUHLER Flour Milling Machines Supplier. BUHLER has its own factories all around the world and the biggest BUHLER Flour Mill Machinery Factory in this world is in China Wuxi city. There are millions of parts suppliers in China mainland. We know them very well and we know the BUHLER parts quality is accepted without any problems as long as the model type is same as BUHLER SWISS or BUHLER GERMANY. 

    However, the price of BUHLER made means Extremely Expensive. So some of the customers will choose to buy the old and used BUHLER Flour Milling Machinery to save the budget to buy more accessories to maintain the old BUHLER Machinery made in year of 1980s or 1990, and 1970s serial model types.  This is a better way to save money for the potential customers. 

    So we do used BUHLER Flour milling machinery  exporting business with the Flour Mill owners or the customers who want to do Flour Mill Machinery Dealing Business. We have been exporting All European Flour  Mill Machinery  made by  BUHLER, OCRIM, GBS, Simon, Robinson, Sangati, Satake, Berga, Miag, etc. The Flour Mill Capacity is 100Tons-3000Tons per 24hrs. We will do the dismantling, cleaning, packing, loading into the customer containers and transporting to the port service by request from customers. 

    As times goes by, some of our customers asked us to do the refurbishing job to upgrade their mill machines made by BUHLER such as the MDDK Roller mills, MDDL Roller mills, etc. We will used the brand new BUHLER factory made spare parts and brand new rolls to refurbish the used mddk roller mills or mddl roller mills 250/1250/1000/800. We have sold more than 40pcs in past two years to Mexico, USA, South Africa and Korea, Prague, Australia and New Zealand. So we have our new business REFURBISHING USED BUHLER MDDK MDDL Roller Mills/ Rollstands in year of 2010. Most of the workers are from BUHLER retired engineers and part-time job workers from BUHLER Wuxi company. We believe original BUHLER factory parts supplier and BUHLER engineers is the quality guaranteed Promise. We also Give one year of parts quality Insurance for the totally refurbished BUHLER MDDK MDDL roller mills/rollstands. 

    The third part of our business is Supplying clients the Best of Best of BEST quality China made Flour Milling Machinery with extremely China-made good quality at reasonable price, sometimes the total cost just be 1/3 of BUHLER's. Maybe the BUHLER Flour Mill Machine can run 20-30 years, however our best quality of China made Flour Milling Machine Can run 15-25 years as long as the spare parts can be supplied on time and worn parts can be replaced on time. 

    1. Used Buhler or European Brands Flour Milling Machines.

    2, Totally Overhauled BUHLER Refurbished BUHLER MDDK MDDL Rollermills. 

    3, Top Grade Quality China made Flour Milling Machines.

    You can always find what you need here and we are offering you full plan to start a new business or extend your flour mill business empire. 

    Contact For More Details Discussion:

    Mr Bart Young






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