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    Genuine Swiss Buher made Flour Milling machinery Big Discount on sales



    MDDKroller mill passages: B3/C3/C4/C8/C9/C5/C7/B4

    MDDL roller mill passages: C1/C2; B1/B2.

    Below are the machines model and number from another flour mill constructions from 1985 -1987. 

    Combinator: 10225556.

    Small air jet filter: 10229476.

    Scourer: 10229476.

    UTR/620 Cylinder: 130099.

    Big size air jet filter: 10229449.

    Screwers for dis chargers: 10217743 MNSG250. 20017472.

    Carousel Packing line: 10225934.

    Flow balancer: 10225559/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/70/71/72.

    MDDK roller mill250/1000:101327709.(passages: C2/C3/B2/C6/B1/C11/C5/C8/C4/B1/B1(pulleys missing)/C1A/C2A.

    MPAG plan sifter: 10002776/77/72/73/74/75.

    Infestation machine: MJZD-43. 10135478.

    Sieving machine: MKZA30/70:10131777/774/775/776.

    Fan: MHTM4017RE-160m3/min; 5016RE-260m3/min; 6521LI; 5518RE-235m3/min; 4017RE-160m3/min; 4519LI-251m3/min. 6521RE-425m3/min. 4518LI-235m3/min.  

    Here is the list with unit price and quantity: 

    Machinery left from Beijing Mill(manufactured year 1993-1994). 

    MDDK roller mill250/1000: 8pcs. USD17000/PC. 

    MQRF purifier: 3pcs. USD11000/PC. 

    MPAH Plansifter8/24 with 730 frames: 2pcs. USD19000/PC. 

    MDDL roller mill: 2pcs. USD26000/PC. 

    Ocrim roller mill: 8pcs. USD8000/PC. (Manufactured year 1993-1994)

    Small Air jet filter: 3pcs. USD2000/PC. 

    Flow balancer: 14pcs. USD2000/PC. 

    Four-spouts carousel packing line and one bran packer: 2sets. Together USD20000.

    Indent cylinder: 1pc. USD7000/PC. 

    Roots fan: 4pcs. USD3000/PC. 


    Buhler mill just dismantled made in year of 1985-1987.

    MDDK roller mill250/1000: 13pcs, 12pcs are complete, 1pcs without pulleys. USD16000/PC. 

    MPAG8/24 Plansifters: 6pcs. USD16000/PC. 

    Combinator: 1pc. USD4000/PC. 

    Media size air jet filter with 58sleeves: 8pcs. USD3000/PC. 

    Big size air jet filter with 78sleeves: 6pcs. USD3000/PC. 

    Vibrating bin discharger: 3pcsSets X D-1.6m:USD5000/set. 16sets X D-1.2m: USD5000/set.( all the discharger include the screw conveyors)

    Elevator with head and tale: USD4000/PC. ( 20meters for each elevator). 

    Flow scale: 2pcs. USD1000/PC. 

    Vibrating sieving machine: 4pcs. USD2200/PC. 

    Impact Detacher: 10pcs. USD2200/PC. 

    Drum Detacher: 15pcs. USD2200/PC. 

    Scourer: 4pcs. USD3000/PC. 

    Infestation machine: 6pcs. USD2200/PC. 

    Fan: includes the high and low pressure:  7-10pcs. USD4500/PC. ( this is an average price) 

    Airlock: 3/5L. 65sets. USD250/set( all the pipes with cyclones and air locks) 

    Flour Screw conveyor: USD4500/20meters. 

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